Spam or Harrassment?

Happy Monday!

I, unlike most people, enjoy getting to work early. It’s quiet, the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, and I’m pretty sure I get more done in the 30 minutes I’m at work before everyone else gets there, than I do the rest of the day… (sad, I know)

Anyway, this morning, I notice that one of the e-mail boxes that I manage has a pretty high unread count, and it’s very possibly spam from the weekend, but rarely is the count for this box more than 4-5. But today it’s showing 16! Included in this count is 6 calls and 2 e-mails from the same person… all this morning, all about the same thing. He wants off our e-mail list.

That’s great – I had him removed from the list on Friday. Now, I would guess we had a handful of e-mails scheduled to go out already, so it would make sense that he would get a few more before they stop, but this person is having a serious fit that he has received additional e-mails over the weekend! Even so far as saying “I am taking this as a form of harassment!!!”

So, my question to you is – Can marketing e-mails (aka spam, if you don’t want them) really be considered harassment?