“Right!?” because sometimes, I just don’t know if it should be a question or an exclamation.

After some careful consideration and a fair amount of procrastination, I’ve decided that it is time for me to start writing again. So, I’ll join the digital age and start blogging. For those who know me personally, know I’ve been in customer service of some sort or another since I could legally make wages, but during the past 8 years I’ve been providing customer support for tradeshows, conferences, and events. A world in and of itself, with little known to those outside the industry.

Honestly, the most dreaded question you can ask me is “What do you do?” But, why is that a difficult question to answer? Well, I do a LOT, sometimes resulting in 150 e-mails responded to and 30 phone calls answered in a single day (yes, that actually happened just 2 weeks ago). But saying, I answer e-mails and phones isn’t really what I “do”. Rather, I provide the support and expertise to pull off something so spectacular that I can only compare it to constructing, running, and deconstructing a small city in a span of about a week.

My goal is to share some of the quirky, crazy, awesomeness that I get to experience on a daily basis all while keeping my zen. So I hope you’ll join me on my roller coaster journey I call a job and maybe get a few laughs and insights along the way.