No matter what industry you are in – please make sure the “contact” in your out of office, is also NOT out of the office… Sent an URGENT e-mail this morning for a deadline tomorrow, got an out of office with a new contact, contacted that person, got an out of office with a new contact, contacted that person and got a generic out of office… Oh well, guess they’ll miss the deadline… I tried!

Head + Wall

So today is notoriously one of the worse days for my department at work… the day a discount expires! (heaven forbid we change pricing) So… needless to say, it was hectic and crazy busy. As a supervisor, I keep an eye on a myriad¬†of functions from e-mails to phone calls to chats, so I see a good chunk of what happens within the department. Plus I have one of those memories where I can notice patterns and remember when something happens more than once… which leads to today’s most useless question:

“what does this mean?” To the warning that says “This e-mail address has already been used for a registration, please use a unique e-mail address to continue”

OMG people, it means that you already have a registration! People rarely go around registering random e-mail addresses for the fun of it! (notice I didn’t say never, because I wouldn’t put it past someone at this point)

So, if you’re utilizing my blog to learn what NOT to do when participating in a tradeshow, please read and think about what you read before e-mailing, calling or chatting! (Unless, of course, you want to see your stupid question here)

Otherwise – hope you have had an amazing day and Go Broncos!

Is Entitlement the Norm?

Honestly – I love my job! The daily interactions with so many people from all walks of life, from CEOs of major corporations to employees at the local gas station. However, what I don’t appreciate is people who feel that they are entitled to anything and everything they want, regardless of the rules, requests, and without regard to common courtesy.

Today, I was both threatened, that I “better reconsider” someone’s registration because they didn’t want to pay $30, and received the below e-mail.

“If there was a problem with my or anyone registration¬† how come i did not get an email good or bad we should be getting some thing???????

Do I have to do them ALL AGAIN??????????


I can send you a spread sheet JUST like last year!! this is such a pain whey does not your site work like it is suppose to??????????

I f im having problems so are others, I did not do anything wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So I pose the question: Specifically, in the workplace setting, is it right to converse with someone for the first time with anything other than utmost respect? Tell me what you think!

I guess I was raised differently, because my mom would have had the wooden spoon out had I spoken to someone like this, regardless of whether I knew them or not, and probably regardless of how old I was!


Spam or Harrassment?

Happy Monday!

I, unlike most people, enjoy getting to work early. It’s quiet, the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, and I’m pretty sure I get more done in the 30 minutes I’m at work before everyone else gets there, than I do the rest of the day… (sad, I know)

Anyway, this morning, I notice that one of the e-mail boxes that I manage has a pretty high unread count, and it’s very possibly spam from the weekend, but rarely is the count for this box more than 4-5. But today it’s showing 16! Included in this count is 6 calls and 2 e-mails from the same person… all this morning, all about the same thing. He wants off our e-mail list.

That’s great – I had him removed from the list on Friday. Now, I would guess we had a handful of e-mails scheduled to go out already, so it would make sense that he would get a few more before they stop, but this person is having a serious fit that he has received additional e-mails over the weekend! Even so far as saying “I am taking this as a form of harassment!!!”

So, my question to you is – Can marketing e-mails (aka spam, if you don’t want them) really be considered harassment?