The ‘FLUTE’ That Took Me Down

If you have or have ever had kids, you know that they bring home some pretty yucky things. Last week, my kiddo brought home, as he likes to call it, the “flute”, otherwise known as the flu to the rest of the human population. So this past week has been a series of fun symptoms, some days feeling great, others feeling like death. It also included a few days away from work. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have some fun the past couple weeks though! Enjoy!

Entry under job title: COO/Air Guitarist – yup, someone actually put that on their registration

Entry under Web Address: 1234 Street address – seeing this more often than should be possible

“I don’t have a business card, I tossed them all away” Really? Why would you do that!?

“Wouldn’t the checking account be the same as a letter of intent?” Sure, that’s the same

“She has become unresponsive to my emails. So I’m sending a new email” Yup, that’ll get you a new answer… I gave you the answer 3 times… and you don’t like the answer… but sending a new e-mail, that’s the ticket, I’ve completely changed everything about our policies because you’ve sent a new e-mail

Warning in our own system!


I just might start using “updation” in everyday language!

Yup – This series of e-mails is all from 1 person…

all-from-the-same-personNotice the time… and they’re upset that we didn’t respond after the first 3 e-mails. Come on people, over an hour writing us multiple e-mails in the middle of the night? Go to sleep!


Weekly email fun

“Can I have a 1 M cube cotton ball in my booth?” (Really, they make those!?)

(First communication with us) You people are impossible!

My email: Please send me a .eps or .ai file of your logo. Client: “here is a .jpg, is that all you need?” (No comment)

Our email: “Your registration is pending proof of business ” Client: “Why was my registration denied?” (Seriously,  what part of pending means denied!?)

Inquiry from the registration page which states “all attendees and exhibitors must have a badge”…Client: “Do I have to register or can I just come in?”

And to add in a bit of personal fun… a quote from my son regarding Lady Gaga looking uncomfortable during the half time show “because she doesn’t have on pants!

Happy Sunday!



No matter what industry you are in – please make sure the “contact” in your out of office, is also NOT out of the office… Sent an URGENT e-mail this morning for a deadline tomorrow, got an out of office with a new contact, contacted that person, got an out of office with a new contact, contacted that person and got a generic out of office… Oh well, guess they’ll miss the deadline… I tried!

Head + Wall

So today is notoriously one of the worse days for my department at work… the day a discount expires! (heaven forbid we change pricing) So… needless to say, it was hectic and crazy busy. As a supervisor, I keep an eye on a myriad of functions from e-mails to phone calls to chats, so I see a good chunk of what happens within the department. Plus I have one of those memories where I can notice patterns and remember when something happens more than once… which leads to today’s most useless question:

“what does this mean?” To the warning that says “This e-mail address has already been used for a registration, please use a unique e-mail address to continue”

OMG people, it means that you already have a registration! People rarely go around registering random e-mail addresses for the fun of it! (notice I didn’t say never, because I wouldn’t put it past someone at this point)

So, if you’re utilizing my blog to learn what NOT to do when participating in a tradeshow, please read and think about what you read before e-mailing, calling or chatting! (Unless, of course, you want to see your stupid question here)

Otherwise – hope you have had an amazing day and Go Broncos!

Website: “Yes”

To truly understand the awesomeness that I’ve been dealing with this week (and yes, it’s only Monday), one must understand that my job entails looking through a lot of information both what is entered into our system and what people put on their websites. It includes understanding that sometimes what is written is not necessarily what is intended. And I’m OK with that.

However, when filling out a form that says Name, Company, E-mail address, and Website… who thinks writing “Yes” under the website field is acceptable? It is a required field, of course, but Yes?! Why not put “Yes” under Name or Company? Because that would be ridiculous, but putting “Yes” under website is A-OK. google-why-do-I-have-a-website

When “Please leave your name, #, and a brief message” is not enough

With 9 years in the tradeshow industry, preceded by 8 years in retail and a couple random job years in between, I’ve learned a few things about basic business communication practices. And it’s amazing how old I sound re-reading that! 

1- Make sure to put your out of office on your voicemail and e-mail messages. I promise I won’t contact you again until a few days after you’re back.

2-If you are leaving a voicemail, make sure you speak slowly during your phone number  Remember, I don’t have your phone number memorized like you do, and I’m not going to waste time looking it up because you couldn’t take more than a second to give your number.

3-Do not leave your life story on a voicemail. If your voicemail is over 1 minute in length, I probably won’t listen to the whole thing before calling you back, and you’re going to have to say it all again, so just don’t.

4-If it’s urgent, leave a message, don’t just hang up and call again 5 seconds later. If I don’t answer once, the chance of me answering 5 seconds later is even less likely than the first time you called!

5-Do not, under any circumstances, call, leave a message, e-mail, then call and leave a message again about the same subject, unless the process to do so was over 1 week in time from first message to last message.

I bring you this very helpful etiquette list because this week and last week have been quite busy, crazy, and probably 10 other words to describe insane! Today I spent a whopping cumulative hour actually getting real work done, the other 7 hours were filled with meetings, interviews, and putting out fires. So, needless to say, I wasn’t sitting at my desk waiting for my phone to ring. Of the 5 voicemail messages I received (8 missed calls) ONE single person provided me the information I needed to assist them. The other 4 were missing very vital information, such as name, company name, what show they are exhibiting at, one didn’t even leave a phone number. Come on people, help me, help you!

My outgoing voicemail message will be changing tomorrow, not that it will help, but maybe it will help just 1 more person give me the info I need to return their call properly.
If only

New Year, New Fun!

Happy New Year! The 4th quarter isn’t terribly busy in my world, and therefore isn’t terribly amusing, lending to minimal fodder to write about! But, rest assured, there are many gems coming to inbox over the next few months. Today, however, revealed something fun in researching another representative’s show today. I came across this most amusing floorplan. Not only does it not have the location notated of these 8 squares, but even to a trained eye, they would appear to be 10×10 spaces… a standard booth… but nope, 12×12 are the actual sizes of these beauties, and I still don’t know where they are located other than hopefully somewhere within the OCCC, but I’m guessing whoever will be setting up these booths does!

worst floorplan ever

Hope you all have a fabulous 2016, and I’ll be back soon with more customer service enjoyment!

Should you need a license to operate a computer?

I consider myself a VERY patient person. In fact, it is a necessity in my line of work. Most of my day is spent assisting people with processes that are seemingly very simple to me, but does not make sense to everyone. But, today, I ran out of patience.

I had a 30 minute phone call today with someone who may want to consider not using a computer…

The first 5 minutes were spent trying to explain what a browser was, and that BING was NOT the browser and typing the web address into the search field was not going to work.

Then we had to discuss WHERE to type in the web address (when I asked what was in the white bar at the top of the screen I was told “H T T P two dots on top of one another and two slanted lines”)

Once we finally got to the correct website for registration, I was asked if everything was to be entered exactly as it was to be printed on the badge (not a terribly uncommon question); then, “do I just enter my e-mail address like normal?” I actually said, “I’m sorry, I’m not sure how to answer that question”

So we make it 2 more screens, and then this is the tricky part… creating a password. Our system does not have any requirements such as word length or must contain a number, HOWEVER, it does tell you if your password is weak, medium, or strong. This person typed in a password into the first field, and when it showed weak beneath the field, typed WEAK in the “confirm password” field… then hit continue… which of course it gave a warning and loaded the page again. This person re-read everything on the badge, confirmed, and again hit continue (without changing anything). They then proceeded to get frustrated, WITH ME, because it kept re-loading the same page. So I asked if there was a red bar with a warning at the top of the page. “I’ll just hit continue again” again I ask – “Is there a red bar with a warning at the top of the page?”  Customer says, “Yes, it says passwords do not match. What does that mean?”

O…M…G – really!?  Calmly I proceeded to answer that it probably meant that what was typed in the first password field did not match what was in the second password field.

OK – Yay – we get pass the password created. Then to the demographic questions… oh no, shoot me now! I had to say – “I don’t know, what DO you <insert question here>” for EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!

Phew, we made it through the questions, we’ve hit continue, the last screen before payment is a bunch of up-sell options so I try to just make things easy and say “bottom button on the left says Complete Registration, select that” before even listening to anything was read to me. And it worked! THEN the really horrible part…

the VERY last screen in our process is the payment screen, where you enter a credit card… This person says, Oh, I don’t have the company card, I’ll have to send this over to work, can I just print this screen? Nope… our registration must be done in one sitting… we’ve just spent 30 minutes of anguish for NOTHING!

Me: “I’m sorry, but payment is due at the time of registration, you’ll have to start the registration over when you have the form of payment as it must be completed in one sitting”

Customer: “oh, you mean I have to pay for the registration? I can just save all this right? It’ll be there when I log back in, correct? Well, that was a waste of time, I guess I’ll just have the office register me, good bye” Click…

Yup… I will forever be asking if someone has a credit card to pay for the registration BEFORE doing anything from now on.

Lesson learned, Good night!

On the Internet!

Just shaking my head

Hi again! No, I did not drop off the face of the earth, though it may have seemed like it. Luckily there were a few fairly quiet weeks in the tradeshow customer service world to coincide with crazy in my personal world.

Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but a handful of just, “did that really just happen” type moments to share with you, along with a conversation snip it  (and if you get the reference, you can be my friend)

Hope your week is going fabulously and enjoy some amazing and amusing interactions from the past month!

Me: What state is your company based in?

Customer: Manhattan

Customer having issues filling out a form on our website: THERE IS A PROBLEM WIT REGISTERING TO DOWNLOAD.

Designer’s response to me when I asked if everything was properly working: They need to enable Javascript for their web browser for any of our forms to work… and for the rest of the internet to work.

During registration, By mistake due to over sight I selected Norfolk Island as country, Instead India.

I have tried to register using the link, but it keeps telling me that the email is already being used by someone else. However, that someone else is me.

My CEO wants to know how much it would be for someone right off the street?

(this is exactly what a response to a marketing e-mail said)

Hi Love,

I just filled this out and it’s telling me I need to pay $30. What does that mean? xoxo

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

Paraphrased from a voice mail:

So my mom always made me get on the short bus to school saying I was special, and you are on the website as a specialist, so you should be able to assist me, please call me back.

Me: Type in the white bar at the top of your browser and hit enter

Customer: it says nothing found in search

Me: what browser are you using?

Customer: Yahoo mail

(I think I now know what it is like to work the IT help desk!)

Actual conversation snipit – yes, I love my job!

Bowl screen shot