The ‘FLUTE’ That Took Me Down

If you have or have ever had kids, you know that they bring home some pretty yucky things. Last week, my kiddo brought home, as he likes to call it, the “flute”, otherwise known as the flu to the rest of the human population. So this past week has been a series of fun symptoms, some days feeling great, others feeling like death. It also included a few days away from work. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have some fun the past couple weeks though! Enjoy!

Entry under job title: COO/Air Guitarist – yup, someone actually put that on their registration

Entry under Web Address: 1234 Street address – seeing this more often than should be possible

“I don’t have a business card, I tossed them all away” Really? Why would you do that!?

“Wouldn’t the checking account be the same as a letter of intent?” Sure, that’s the same

“She has become unresponsive to my emails. So I’m sending a new email” Yup, that’ll get you a new answer… I gave you the answer 3 times… and you don’t like the answer… but sending a new e-mail, that’s the ticket, I’ve completely changed everything about our policies because you’ve sent a new e-mail

Warning in our own system!


I just might start using “updation” in everyday language!

Yup – This series of e-mails is all from 1 person…

all-from-the-same-personNotice the time… and they’re upset that we didn’t respond after the first 3 e-mails. Come on people, over an hour writing us multiple e-mails in the middle of the night? Go to sleep!


Weekly email fun

“Can I have a 1 M cube cotton ball in my booth?” (Really, they make those!?)

(First communication with us) You people are impossible!

My email: Please send me a .eps or .ai file of your logo. Client: “here is a .jpg, is that all you need?” (No comment)

Our email: “Your registration is pending proof of business ” Client: “Why was my registration denied?” (Seriously,  what part of pending means denied!?)

Inquiry from the registration page which states “all attendees and exhibitors must have a badge”…Client: “Do I have to register or can I just come in?”

And to add in a bit of personal fun… a quote from my son regarding Lady Gaga looking uncomfortable during the half time show “because she doesn’t have on pants!

Happy Sunday!