28 Minutes

Being in customer service, no matter what industry, means being a patient person. It tends to be a prerequisite to doing the job. Smiling even though you are in a bad mood, sitting on the phone with someone as they go through a process that you’re really just listening to them read a website, and generally just being nice, always. Even as the manager, I’m in the trenches. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it means I still get some interesting calls…

28 minutes an (I can only assume) older gentleman had me on the phone the other day. Started out like many other calls, him asking how to log in and pay his bill and order furniture, all the basics. Then things proceeded down a very dark path including:

Caller: it’s been a LONG time since I was able to say it was my “first time” if you know what I mean…

Me: uncomfortable chuckle; no worries, the information is all easily available on our site

Caller: You have the patience of an angel, don’t you?

Me: Well, it’s why I’m good at my job

Caller: Are you married?

Me: (very quickly) YES!

Caller: Do you talk to your husband like this?

Me: (because really, what in the world do you say to THAT!?) ummm, I’m very versed in making sure things go smoothly, is there anything additional I can assist you with today?

In any industry, if you call a customer service line and the person asks if there is anything additional they can assist with… you’ve either actually gotten to the end of their answers… or you’ve crossed a line somewhere (maybe a long time before then).line-in-sand


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