Is Entitlement the Norm?

Honestly – I love my job! The daily interactions with so many people from all walks of life, from CEOs of major corporations to employees at the local gas station. However, what I don’t appreciate is people who feel that they are entitled to anything and everything they want, regardless of the rules, requests, and without regard to common courtesy.

Today, I was both threatened, that I “better reconsider” someone’s registration because they didn’t want to pay $30, and received the below e-mail.

“If there was a problem with my or anyone registration¬† how come i did not get an email good or bad we should be getting some thing???????

Do I have to do them ALL AGAIN??????????


I can send you a spread sheet JUST like last year!! this is such a pain whey does not your site work like it is suppose to??????????

I f im having problems so are others, I did not do anything wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So I pose the question: Specifically, in the workplace setting, is it right to converse with someone for the first time with anything other than utmost respect? Tell me what you think!

I guess I was raised differently, because my mom would have had the wooden spoon out had I spoken to someone like this, regardless of whether I knew them or not, and probably regardless of how old I was!


Website: “Yes”

To truly understand the awesomeness that I’ve been dealing with this week (and yes, it’s only Monday), one must understand that my job entails looking through a lot of information both what is entered into our system and what people put on their websites. It includes understanding that sometimes what is written is not necessarily what is intended. And I’m OK with that.

However, when filling out a form that says Name, Company, E-mail address, and Website… who thinks writing “Yes” under the website field is acceptable? It is a required field, of course, but Yes?! Why not put “Yes” under Name or Company? Because that would be ridiculous, but putting “Yes” under website is A-OK. google-why-do-I-have-a-website

When “Please leave your name, #, and a brief message” is not enough

With 9 years in the tradeshow industry, preceded by 8 years in retail and a couple random job years in between, I’ve learned a few things about basic business communication practices. And it’s amazing how old I sound re-reading that!¬†

1- Make sure to put your out of office on your voicemail and e-mail messages. I promise I won’t contact you again until a few days after you’re back.

2-If you are leaving a voicemail, make sure you speak slowly during your phone number¬† Remember, I don’t have your phone number memorized like you do, and I’m not going to waste time looking it up because you couldn’t take more than a second to give your number.

3-Do not leave your life story on a voicemail. If your voicemail is over 1 minute in length, I probably won’t listen to the whole thing before calling you back, and you’re going to have to say it all again, so just don’t.

4-If it’s urgent, leave a message, don’t just hang up and call again 5 seconds later. If I don’t answer once, the chance of me answering 5 seconds later is even less likely than the first time you called!

5-Do not, under any circumstances, call, leave a message, e-mail, then call and leave a message again about the same subject, unless the process to do so was over 1 week in time from first message to last message.

I bring you this very helpful etiquette list because this week and last week have been quite busy, crazy, and probably 10 other words to describe insane! Today I spent a whopping cumulative hour actually getting real work done, the other 7 hours were filled with meetings, interviews, and putting out fires. So, needless to say, I wasn’t sitting at my desk waiting for my phone to ring. Of the 5 voicemail messages I received (8 missed calls) ONE single person provided me the information I needed to assist them. The other 4 were missing very vital information, such as name, company name, what show they are exhibiting at, one didn’t even leave a phone number. Come on people, help me, help you!

My outgoing voicemail message will be changing tomorrow, not that it will help, but maybe it will help just 1 more person give me the info I need to return their call properly.
If only

New Year, New Fun!

Happy New Year! The 4th quarter isn’t terribly busy in my world, and therefore isn’t terribly amusing, lending to minimal fodder to write about! But, rest assured, there are many gems coming to inbox over the next few months. Today, however, revealed something fun in researching another representative’s show today. I came across this most amusing floorplan. Not only does it not have the location notated of these 8 squares, but even to a trained eye, they would appear to be 10×10 spaces… a standard booth… but nope, 12×12 are the actual sizes of these beauties, and I still don’t know where they are located other than hopefully somewhere within the OCCC, but I’m guessing whoever will be setting up these booths does!

worst floorplan ever

Hope you all have a fabulous 2016, and I’ll be back soon with more customer service enjoyment!