Just shaking my head

Hi again! No, I did not drop off the face of the earth, though it may have seemed like it. Luckily there were a few fairly quiet weeks in the tradeshow customer service world to coincide with crazy in my personal world.

Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking, but a handful of just, “did that really just happen” type moments to share with you, along with a conversation snip it  (and if you get the reference, you can be my friend)

Hope your week is going fabulously and enjoy some amazing and amusing interactions from the past month!

Me: What state is your company based in?

Customer: Manhattan

Customer having issues filling out a form on our website: THERE IS A PROBLEM WIT REGISTERING TO DOWNLOAD.

Designer’s response to me when I asked if everything was properly working: They need to enable Javascript for their web browser for any of our forms to work… and for the rest of the internet to work.

During registration, By mistake due to over sight I selected Norfolk Island as country, Instead India.

I have tried to register using the link, but it keeps telling me that the email is already being used by someone else. However, that someone else is me.

My CEO wants to know how much it would be for someone right off the street?

(this is exactly what a response to a marketing e-mail said)

Hi Love,

I just filled this out and it’s telling me I need to pay $30. What does that mean? xoxo

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

Paraphrased from a voice mail:

So my mom always made me get on the short bus to school saying I was special, and you are on the website as a specialist, so you should be able to assist me, please call me back.

Me: Type abcdef.com in the white bar at the top of your browser and hit enter

Customer: it says nothing found in search

Me: what browser are you using?

Customer: Yahoo mail

(I think I now know what it is like to work the IT help desk!)

Actual conversation snipit – yes, I love my job!

Bowl screen shot

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