First thing in the morning = ?

Every morning I go to my office and turn my computer on, slowly it comes to life and eventually will bring up my log in, desk top, and my list of things to do. Unfortunately, I never know what is going to greet me once I open my e-mail and the 6 group boxes I manage.

Undoubtedly there are the 30-50 spam e-mails, some asking me to open some unidentified document, others written in another language, all of which I promptly delete. Then comes the good stuff… What crazy questions, subject lines, or other interesting data await me today?

  • Subject: UNSUBSCRIBE


  • “Your invoice had an amount of USD 13.000,00. We paid USD 38.904,00.” (Umm… why did you do that?)
  • “I get what you are saying, but” (No, no “buts”, obviously you don’t get what we are saying!)
  • “I have to book the hotel myself?” (yes, we are not a travel agency!)
  • “I was wondering if you still have vendor space available for the upcoming expo?” (we have 40 events within the next year… with very few being along the same industry line)

All in a morning’s work…



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